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Originally Posted by DaSlicer
I was just thinking that during the 80's and 90's the center position was once the most glamorized position for the bigman to play. Back during those eras you had a bunch of centers who could average double doubles, along with a few superstar centers, and all-stars. Back then the PF position was the garbage man position in which the PF did all the dirty work. I was just amazed thinking about how both positions have evolved today in opposite roles. Today its the PF spot that is the most glamorized position while the Center spot is mainly the garbage position. Does anybody see a reversal of this trend occuring in upcomming years or will this trend last?
I actually see how both these roles you described are still prevalent in both positions (PF and C) these days. It all depends on what division and who you are talking about. Currently, there are way more star-caliber PFs then there are Cs so it makes it seems like its a more glamorized position... I guess. And this will change once an influx of star-caliber Centers come back into the league but that seems more like a rarity these days.
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