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Originally Posted by RichB
Spurs 10 man roster: $58 Million

Michael Finley (?) - $2.5 Million?

Veteran Backup PG - $1.5 Million?

Backup SF - $1.0 Million or less?
A 13 man Spurs roster would put the team salary at $63 Million.

Spurs could pay $1.3 Million in luxury tax and probably more if they add a 14th and 15th man to the roster.

I think paying $1.3-3 Million in luxury tax is not bad, when you consider the potential refund that could come to the Spurs (from the league) at the conclusion of the season.
The first dollar above the luxury tax threshold will cost Peter Holt around $3m-$4m in foregone luxury tax re-distributions.

This penalty is a lot less than what would have been the case in previous years (because of changes in the re-distribution of escrow taxes under the new CBA). But at the same time, because of the same changes, the refund check the Spurs expect to get at the end of the season is also much smaller.

But I believe it is a penalty that Peter Holt will NOT want to sustain.
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