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Originally Posted by exit7
This is why the guy contributes to FSN and not ESPN
You act like thats some kind of slight on him. ESPN is full of faulty and terribly opinionated and self-aggrandizing buffoons. It's up to Rosen if he wants to criticize a player that he feels hasn't lived up to his potential/hype. I'm sure you could look through his long tirades and see that on more than a few occasions he has given the Spurs their due, especially Pop and Tim. He's kind of on the fence with Manu's defense (thinks he spends too much time in high risk moves and swipes that leave him vulnerable to being beat), but also recognizes a winner when he sees one (whether or not his defensive gambles are a liability). Opinions are like a**holes; everyone's got one. Question is can you defend yours? Truth is, regardless of his opinion of a given Spur, Rosen does a pretty good job of defending his.
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