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Originally Posted by l=w
When Rasho replaced Robinson, this was one of the biggest things that hurt. Rasho could clog the lane and block shots, sure, but he picks up fouls at a glacial rate. As a Spur, he's averaged barely 1 free throw a game.
I totally agee. The Spurs went from an all time banger in the paint to a contact averse Euro. Despite his lack of foot speed, Rasho must be quite agile to keep it to one foul per game when you look at other big centers like Ostertag and Bradley who are foul fests. Rasho must be the lowest fouling starting center in the league. He's shown he has the skill to stay out of the way- I'd like to see that skill redirected to initiate more contact. You'd think he would have picked up a few tips from the human bowling ball, Malik.
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