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Originally Posted by highplainsspur
I suspect that is relatively bot-resistant.

(Feel free to take that as a challenge!)
Challenge accepted.
I've actually made one. It gives Manu 10 votes in 58 seconds. I can't make it faster.
If I wanted to use it for real voting I would have to make intervals between votes to be random. I can do that in another minute. But I'm not really in cheating mood. We have to be honest and admit that Kobe's photo is better. Right?

Oh ,yeah, one more thing. For last 3000 votes the result has always been 70-30, which I find hard to believe. It would take 60 votes more for either photo in some interval to actually change the percentage. I am sure that this has happened. Looks like being rigged to me adn the changes in percentages being preprogrammed. Yeah, yeah, I know. Conspiracy theory. But I wrote some solid argument for that.
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