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Originally Posted by Cryan Yahood
Tim wouldn't dominate as easily as he does now because of all the great big men like Malone and Barkley in their primes, Hakeem, Ewing, Shaq, DRob, etc in their primes. The league was much better. Expansion and the era of HS guys with 0 skills hadn't diluted the NBA back then as they have now.

DRob now would be more effective than he was in his career. Looking at the Centers in today's league, he would be even better and more prolific. Things are sad when a guy like Yao Ming or Dampier is the 2nd best C in the league.

Still though, overall, Tim is clearly the better player, despite the fact that he faces a lower level of comp than DRob did. I don't think the Spurs would have won 3 titles if DRob and TD swapped, probably 1 or 2.

And if DRob, the 2nd or 3rd best Defensive C of all-time couldn't hold hakeem, no way would a slower Tim. Also, if Tim thinks Rasheed's D is tough, Hakeem's was much better.

Would that team have been able to beat the Jazz is the real question as Utah owned SA in the playoffs in the Dave Era. Given how a 40 year old Malone flustered Duncan last year, I'd say the answer is no. Those Jazz teams were pretty damn good, probably the best team ever to not win the Finals. Even the Suns teams with Barkley, KJ, Majerle, Dumas, etc were ridiculously talented. BBall was just much better in that era than it is now (as with other sports, notably football). Expansion really dilutes pro sports leagues.
As much as I like TD over Robinson I have to admit you bring up several excellent points. I believe TD was superior to Robinson because of TD's offensive skills (passing, low post moves and perimeter jumper) and proven ability to make plays when his team needed him to (save the game 5 near disaster in this year's finals). I also think that while Timmy is considerably less athletic than DRob, he is physically stronger and able to hold his ground better. But undoubtedly yes, the big men of Robinson's era were quite superior to the bigs in today's nba. And it's hard to argue that a young Robinson couldn't have won titles if swapped with Timmy.
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