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Originally Posted by Eddy from Austin

I thoght I would start a thread about Timmy. This thread is suppose to be made of biographical information, Carrer stats - acomplishments and personal information.
We can all learn more facts about our Superstar. I'll start.

-Tim Duncan was born in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands
-Timmy didn't start playing organized basketball until he was in ninth grade
- 2004-05 Stats PPG 20.3 RPG 11.10 APG 2.7
- Won the 1998 Rookie of the Year

your turn ...

I was in the Yamaha shop last weekend and they said that Tony, Tim, Antonio, Eva and Amy have all been in there and they are ride four wheelers. They said that Tony is building on twenty acres and has an area devoted to the group riding. They best story they had was the relationship between Tim and Antonio. They said they were like two teen aged brothers, at each other constantly and nothing serious the entire time the were in the store. They said they all get along really well and are like a big family.
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