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Originally Posted by JTD
If Lynn Swan can be in the Pro Football Hall based on his Super Bowl performances (because he did not have Hall of Fame career numbers), then Horry deserves to be in!
Swan had good (not great) career numbers and was an All Pro Wide Receiver.

He wasn't Jerry Rice by any stretch, but it wasn't like he was Freddie Mitchell either!

Horry has not even had a Lynn Swan type career. Where are the points? The rebounds? The All Star appearences, the All NBA Selections?

He has none of that.

For all his supposed 3 point prowess - look at where he ranks in NBA history:

Career 3PFG - 81st in NBA History
Career 3PFG Attempts - 74th in NBA History

Maybe it's his defense?

Career Steals - 97th in NBA History
Career Blocks - 77th in NBA History

As I said - you have to view a players complete career and look at it in perspective. If you do that - you will see that Horry was a modest NBA player for the majority of his career, who played big in some critical playoff games.

Horry played in over a thousand regular season and playoff games combined. He did absolutely nothing to stand out for those regular seasons - as well as in some of those post seasons.

How can you reward a player who only played exceptionally well or showed up for less than 10% of the games he actually played in??

Think about it folks.
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