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Originally Posted by RichB
They're paying him $70 million, PLUS they're giving up 2 Draft picks and Boris Diaw - for what??

To give something to Phoenix when they absolutely don't have to??? They can sign Johnson outright - they don't have to give up a thing!

After Johnson and Sarvers comments,it appears now that Phoenix will not match the offer.

EXACTLY!!! I couldn't believe the Hawks were going to give up two 1st rounders and Diaw for a player they were going to overpay for in the first place. The only reason you offer $20 million more than your next highest bidder is because you know you have to entice them to sign with you. You don't offer them $20 million more than the guy's current team is willing to match, and then turn around and help that team out!!! That's just stupid, and I agree with this owner for pulling out all the stops to try and get this thing axed.
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