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Although a player has played professionally elsewhere, the NBA is different. In Europe they may only play 2 games in a week and have much more time for practice and conditioning. Here it is the inverse. There were times in the second half of the season that the Spurs would play 5 games in 8 days- have a couple of days- and then play 5 more in 8 days with all that travel and eating on the road. It is quite an adjustment for any player's body. When the schedule is like that there is little time for working on things and mostly just games, but if you don't play but 10 minutes a game, you don't keep in the same condition you would like. Also, any new player has advantages early on because no one knows what to expect, but as the season progresses teams find out what to exploit and they can pressure or guard you better. People here just have unrealistic expectations and like an easy scapegoat. Find me a better back-up PG for less than a miliion a season who the Spurs can get and then we'll talk.
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