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There was a stretch during the regular season when Beno did not have a single turnover over 7 games. That came in 118 mins and with 27 assists coming along. Started with 6 assists game vs Suns and (next one) 12-10 game vs Portland.
After that stretch ended the next good game was that ridiculous 128-123 OT against Phoenix. It was followed by 5 "no-TO" games.
Once it gets going for Beno it's going pretty well.
Before that 7 "no-TO" streak there were 10 games with _exactly_ 1 TO each game. Then >44% from the floor, >40% threes (btw #15 in the NBA). Stability, what else do you need from your backup PG? Good potential: he's not going to get worse.. Just use the chance whilst he's with us, he's not going to be backup PG after his current contract is expired.

I am not arguing against his Game 3, yep, because of Beno an open game was lost in few minutes. But right are those who ask to look a bit broader, it wasn't only game 3 in Beno's season performance.

Try to name a rookie in a recent history who has been rotation player and real contributor for a Champion (and runner-up?) team. Darco Milicic, Mark Madsen, Devean George won't count. As far as I can see we are pretty much stuck with Manu and Beno.

For whatever it counts unless your name is Bruce the Spurs' system is not the easiest one to fit into (ask Hedo, Brent, Robert, Rasho, Steve Smith, Danny Ferry..). For those who "survive" and adapt the second year is usually break-out: Manu, Tony, Robert all significantly improved in their 2nd season and began to "form the system" rather than "adapt to it" (of course no need to name TD: the guy is too boring to break out, he improved drastically in only one category in his 2nd year: won it all). Now expect the same from Brent and Beno?..

From the worst samples of bringing in "key role" player and this player(-s) and the system trying to adapt to each other: SJX gone, Hedo in; Admiral retired, Rasho joined; Speedy gone, ... well who were our backup PG in 04 when it mattered? That was a sad story of 2004. This year we don't have SJX (main SG), Admiral (main C), Speedy (backup PG) problems: partly because of luck (no-one is retiring or in position to look for better profile spot in other team), mainly because of smart and balanced FO strategy. So (those asking for Beno and Brent upgrades): do we want to create these problems??
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