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Damon Stoudemire has not agreed to join the Grizzles..

According to a Houston Chronicle report on Saturday, free agent guard Damon Stoudamire had agreed to sign a 4-year pact with the Grizzlies.

Not so fast, says Mr. Stoudamire.

Local Fox news in Houston spoke with Damon at Tracy McGrady's celebrity softball game on Saturday and the 5-foot-10 point guard stated that he has not spoken with the Grizzlies and that his agent has interacted with them just once.

Stoudamire went on to say that the Rockets are his number one choice and have been for a while.

He also spoke with Channel 2 News in Houston, adding that Portland was "trying to block everything I'm doing", likely alluding to sign-and-trade attempts by the Rockets.

The fact that Stoudamire did say good things about the situation in Memphis could suggest that the the Grizzlies have in fact put an offer out on the table, but the guard likely is holding out hope that Houston and Portland can come to an agreement on a trade.
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