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Originally Posted by Corwin
Cant quite understand that statement.
which one particularly. If you break it down like i'm doing now it would really help.
Originally Posted by Corwin
He was a ROOKIE last year.
upside is not only given by age.
Originally Posted by Corwin
He shot the 40% from 3 point land. He is a pure shooter with a nice stroke.
that's what i like the most from him.
Originally Posted by Corwin
He will get better, much better.
what do you base this on? which area exactly has he the potential to vastly improve? please, explain yourself better.
Originally Posted by Corwin
Even Parker struggles at times especially in the matchoffs in particular when he loses his confidence. That happened in the Detroit series. So if Parker struggled against an excellent defensive club like Detroit, is it any surprise that the Beno, the rookie, would struggle as well.
look at the following quote i made. Substitute Manu for Parker and it still applies:
Originally Posted by mg06
and yes, other players mess up also, but for every time Manu burns you he saves your ass many others, which Beno can't do
Parker does mess up... A LOT sometimes... but he shows flashes of brilliance only a blind man can refuse to see. I still haven't met the person who likens Beno's high points to Tony's (who in fact is targeted by the rival's defense, unlike Beno), so even if they do screw up on a similar basis it does not put them even, NOT BY A LONG SHOT. That's why you shouldn't take Tony as a reference, because their low points may be similar but their high ones are not.
And yes, he is a rookie, but he is only two weeks younger than Tony and he has been playing professionally forever, so let's not pretend like he is a kid out of HS who still needs to grow and develop his entire game. His game can improve, but he is what he is.

Still i don't get what it is that you disagree with me... the fact that i don't think he has star potential? the fact that people expected more (perhaps unfairly on him, but the recent Spurs picks set the standard) than he did? i repeat: i like what he did, he seems like a nice player and contributes. He doesn't have to be a star, so what's the problem you have with me not believing he can be one?
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