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Originally Posted by JamesR
I hate for him to cost the Spurs a game though....

Flip--What are you talking about? He played like a *gasp* ROOKIE in the playoffs.
Well, Beno paid the price for it by losing his minutes in Games 5-7. He'll learn from it if he's tough enough inside. I like his game. He fits the motion offense perfectly, and that's the thing we should run when the subs are in. I think he's quick enough. At least not many guys are blowing past him. His pick-n-roll defense is top notch, and he's got some size.

Tim cost us one game, almost 2 if Horry wouldn't have blown up. If you aren't going to point fingers at the franchise player, don't point them at the 15 MPG rookie PG.
Huh? Which game did Tim cost us?
Whatcha gonna do when Huxamania runs wild on you?!!
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