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Originally Posted by mg06
I never got the impression he is hated from hanging around this forums.
I think Beno is a nice player, though i don't see much upside in him. On top of that, the position he plays demands for no mistakes, specially when your team is playing at the highest stages possible... and yes, other players mess up also, but for every time Manu burns you he saves your ass many others, which Beno can't do... couldn't it just be that he didn't perform according to expectations? won't you concede that there MAY be performance issues involved?

On another note, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?
Cant quite understand that statement. He was a ROOKIE last year. He shot the 40% from 3 point land. He is a pure shooter with a nice stroke. He will get better, much better. Even Parker struggles at times especially in the matchoffs in particular when he loses his confidence. That happened in the Detroit series. So if Parker struggled against an excellent defensive club like Detroit, is it any surprise that the Beno, the rookie, would struggle as well.
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