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I never got the impression he is hated from hanging around this forums.
Originally Posted by user name
There were problems with fans because Beno played ahead of an Israeli player for Maccabi- if I remember right.

The problem is people have no memories. They forget how great Beno played in Game 2 of the Finals when Tony had foul trouble and the Spurs extended the lead with Beno on the floor. All they remember are his TO's in Detroit when in truth, Manu and Brent were turning the ball over, too. He is an easy scapegoat. If the Sours did not want 2 young point guards, then they would not have drafted Beno in the first place.
I think Beno is a nice player, though i don't see much upside in him. On top of that, the position he plays demands for no mistakes, specially when your team is playing at the highest stages possible... and yes, other players mess up also, but for every time Manu burns you he saves your ass many others, which Beno can't do... couldn't it just be that he didn't perform according to expectations? won't you concede that there MAY be performance issues involved?

On another note, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?

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