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Originally Posted by l=w
Beno is far better than anybody thought he'd be. He's clearly starter material in this league some day, that's his potential. He needs to learn how to beat presses with quicker players, though. It was Boykins and Lindsay Hunter who hurt him in the playoffs. He's smart enough he'll learn.

Look at last year's rookie crop. Can anyone legitimately say Devin Harris is going to be a better point guard in this league than Beno Udrih?
You got all that from watching the Spurs this year? I must've watched a different Beno Udrih. He obviously could start some day but that day is not anytime soon. For about 3 games he out did Earl Boykins before Boykins exploded in Game 4. Lindsay Hunter's defense got to him though.

And yes I can see Devin Harris being better than Beno Udrih. Devin Harris is a good player.
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