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He needs to work on his decisions when he is double teamed, but I was very impressed with him. I just don't really think he was as prepared for the intensity of the playoffs, especially the finals, but damn turnovers or not, he has a shot and he can hit. He is just going to get better as he adapts to the NBA game. I thought his best games were against Philly when he took on Iverson and did a great job of staying in front of him and keeping him from going off, and the 4th qtr. of that OT thriller with Phoenix, in which he played the entire 4th qtr and did a hellava job.

I mean his a rookie, and there were times during the year where he showed it, and times during the playoffs where he showed it, but overall, he has a lot of potential. Plus he has a pt. guards mentality and that is something that is in his favor big time.
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