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Southern California Roll Call!

So over the past couple of seasons I've met a number of you at Yankee Doodle, ESPN Zone, Fox Sports Grill and even the Pro Summer League at Long Beach but I'd like to start up an e-mail list so that I can directly contact everyone when something comes up like GTG at a sports bar for a big or post-season game or buying tickets for Clippers and Lakers when the Spurs are coming so that we can have one big Spur section representing at the Staples Center. Sometimes not everyone has a chance to see a thread going on about LA/SoCal stuff but with our own e-mail list we'll do better at keeping everyone in the loop.

If you are in the Southern California area and would like to be included on this e-mail list either PM me (til my in-box fills up), post your e-mail address here on this thread or e-mail me (removed in edit)

Those that I can remember meeting include:
Misty - the All Access Gal
Tango Bros - with the insider 411
Slayer Minh
Baseline Bum
310 & 562

I'm not necessarily intending to be the primary organizer (maybe for tickets) but once we have a list of e-mails any one of us can simply reply to all to:

announce/suggest GTGs
let each other know what's on local broadcasts (since regions sometimes vary)
where you can find Spurs gear in local stores
combine orders of Spurs merchandise to save on shipping
plan a road trip to Phoenix for a Spurs/Suns game
plan a plane trip to S.A. over a weekend

We can also keep growing this list as each of us meet other Spurs fans and if it becomes more convenient we can even start up a Yahoo group.

Who's in?

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