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Originally Posted by Vito Corleone
The only thing worse than bad trades are bad trades that don't work under the CBA. Atlease use to make it work. If the Spurs were not willing to move Rasho for SAR what makes anyone think they will for Magalore who has a huge contract
Originally Posted by BURPDEXTER
Both of these teams have a lot of commodities, so this trade could be levelled to even it up

1. The amount of people that the Hawks and Hornets consider expendable.
2. The more flexible CBA rules for salary differences in trades and
3. The fact that the Hornets probably just want picks and small contracts as they are in total rebuild mode,

Magloire shouldn't be hard to move within the cap. In fact, that is part of the fun in this post...figuring out which deals would work under the cap and how we would work the variations.
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