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Originally Posted by alpineballer
b/c in the logic of some poster it is the priority of all other teams to make the spurs better in the first place and then work for their own team.
The one thing that most people don't realize is that a deal has to be pretty sweet for all parties involved. Sweetners include: 1) smaller payroll 2) filling a need (real or imagined) 3) tradeable commodities (picks, last year of a contract, etc.) 4) Dumping a grumpy player

Atlanta's needs are at the point guard, power forward, and center positions. Any trades they would make would be with an eye toward solidifying those areas. They also happen to be far unter the cap. If the Spurs were interested in giving Atlanta Rasho and Scola for something the Spurs wanted, Atlanta would be more likely to consider an offer.

New Orleans is shopping Magloire and would liekly need another center to replace him as well as depth at the swing positions (2-3). Thus, New Orleans would likely give Atlanta a PG like Speedy Claxton or Dan Dickau in exchange for some swing depth.

San Antonio would want to lose Rasho's contract while getting a quality big in exchange.

So the breakdown,

San Antonio:
Sends: Rasho, Scola to the Hawks
Receives: Magloire form NO

New Orleans:
Sends: Magloire to SA and Speedy Claxton to ATL
Receives: Jason Collier and Josh Childress

Sends: Collier and Childress to NO
Receives: Claxton from NO, Rasho, Scola from SA

Too bad the salaries likely wouldn't work.

In all honesty, Atlanta would probably ship Childress and Collier for Claxton and Magloire in hearbeat.

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