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Wasn't at Ingram, but I was at Best Buy the night before. We were told prior to the autograph signing started that we were not going to be able to have anything but the DVD signed. It was at the request of the company sponsoring the event which, as you mentioned, was the same company who made the DVD. Also with the size of the crowd, it made things very hard for others waiting in line, the players, and the staff if all had to wait for the players to move and sign jerseys, basketballs, t-shirts, etc. Then people start DEMANDING a certain area of the item signed. The process would take forever, and in both instances, I believe, there were only going to be there two hours. There was a HUGE crowd at Ingram and relaying a message may have been more difficult with the mall crowd and lay-out. I was able to get Horry and Bowen to sign the same DVD and was gratefull for the opportunity. Keep your eyes open for other opportunities as the season approaches and during the regular season for autograph sessions with players. This site is very helpful as well as the webiste sponsored by the NBA. Although I am new, in number of posts, I have been reading and following SR for years. Welcome!
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