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Originally Posted by A Rod
That's what it is.

The Lakers are about winning Championships, not just being contenders.

Sure, they could make moves now to make them contenders, but honestly, the type of moves that they can make right now aren't going to make them better than SA or PHX or DET.

Look at it like this....Nash is PHX. In a few years he'll be old. You never know what's gonna happen in Detroit with their new coach and all. And yes, even Tim Duncan is going to start to age in a few years.

When they have the cap room in 07 and they bring in key FA's, then they have a good chance of winning Championships again, especially after alot of the young players they have now will have years of triangle experience. Summer of 2007 is alot closer than you think.
the Lakers had the advantage that players were interested in playing there so they always had the potential to get stars. With the new CBA rules, I think that players are going to consider twice about the extra 20 millions that they can get with their current team.

Your "The Lakers are about winning Championships, not just being contenders." comment might explain why Lakers fans come and go. They are only fans the years that the team is good enough to win.

Anyway, Yao is going to come to SA that's why TP went to China with him and his girfriend, Tony was sent there by CIA Pop to prepare for the free agency of 2007.
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