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562bulldog: thank you for the response and insight. I see that you are in Los Angeles. I'm from Los Angeles and a huge Lakers fan, moved to SA in 97.

I looked into the Spurs Team and was surprised with thier humility and hard work ethic. I have also met George Gervin several times and he is truly a great person. He never has problems signing for autographs and always takes time to listen to his fans. How often can you actually have conversations with Legends?

When I was in the mall for the signing, I noticed differences in attitude between Horry and Gervin.
The signing was sponsored by WB, because they made the chamionship dvd. Gervin and Horry sat in the same table and teh orde rof signing was Gervin first, then Horry. Gervin recognized me and said 'Hi' and signed while making small talk. When it was Horry's turn, he just smiled and didn't want to sign anything outside the DVD. When people presented anything outside the DVD, Horry would back up and lose eye contact with you. He never spoke with any fans. Gervin, on the other hand was more than willing to inscribe what you want and talk to you at the same time. Horry looked like he didn't want to be there.

Now, being a Lakers fan and Spurs fan, I was excited to meet Horry. But after coming out of this experience, I am now a big George Gervin fan.
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