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^^^^^^Well, that's the key. He can't be guarded by two or three defenders as long as Nash has the ball in his hands. That's why the Spurs didnt' do it, choosing to stay on the perimeter guys and basically allow Amare a free reign in the inside. And because of the abysmal lack of defensive play from not just Amare but from all the Sun's players they kept getting outscored in a style that they were supposed to dominate. I think the kid is a monster in the paint, but the reason he gets all his points is Steve Nash finds open people and makes the defense scramble around and eventually Amare is on someone one on one and he usually wins that battle.

And I gotta play the ref card because the kid is allowed to commit at least 10 over the backs in every game. So far, the refs don't really take call him for anything. Next to Shag Amare is allowed to do just about anything on the floor and not get called for a foul. The guy is still incredibly talented, but come on, he should be fouling out 1 out of every 4 games.
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