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Those teams he coached in Miami were never any good though. If anything, Riles made the worst decision of his life by wanting to be gm and coach at the same time without really knowing how to evaluate talent. He ended up giving Miami teams that were too small and too weak mentally (besides ZO who has always been a warrior). It is a wonder that he didn't give up on the heat sooner rather than later as coach.

But in the end, he may yet redeem himself for those horrible late 90's and early 00's moves. The acquiring of LO and CB were both good moves. Picking Wade was pure genius. Trading LO, CB and BG's horrible contract for Shaq was one of the most one-sided trades ever in sports history.

Riles has finally made the team he has always wanted to coach since he left the lakers. He has his dominate center in Shaq to compare to Kareem (he tried to force ZO into this role but he never was in these guy's class). HE has a developing legendary ball wingman / pg in Wade to compare to Magic (as compared to Eddie Jones who he tried, and miserably failed, to put in this role) and now has good role players to fill it out the roster (Haslem, ZO, and Eddie J fill out nicely for this role).

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