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Originally Posted by GoSpurs99
Sorry, not following. I see nearly every article written about this series as positive for the Spurs, not negative for the Pistons. This article for example:

As I read story after story, and see the same on TV (except for ESPN reporters) I see noone giving Detroit a chance. Almost everyone's prediction is Spurs in 5 or 6 max.

Besides, even if we weren't getting any love, who cares? Our Spurs just keep winning baby!!!!

Incredible time to be a Spurs fan!! Enjoy it folks!!

Kinda agree.

The reason many say that Detroit doesn't get any respect is because they hadn't all year.
For most of the season, media and bball analysts have had the Spurs, Heat and Suns (once they ran off a great record) as the teams likely to win the title. The Pistons have received little chance of repeating throughout most of the season.

Usually when you're the underdog - as the Pistons are - and when you're the team that just lost some of the media is likely to take the angle of what the losing team needs to do to win the next one rather than what it is the winning team needs to do to continue winning.
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