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Late night prior to game 3 thoughts...

I keep hearing about Joe Johnson and the momentum shift that is going to cause for the Suns. He is going to be the saviour and THE push the Suns need to beat the Spurs. How he's going to shut down Tony and cause Bowen to have to move to him which leaves Marion open for his BIG nights. How his presence is going to open up more scoring chances for Amare. How the Suns are going to be unstoppable because of it.
Give me a break.
I think the Spurs defense has been adequate and was even being saved until the late 3rd and all of the 4th quarters while using just enough defensive energy to hang with the Suns in the first portion of the games. I think while Suns fan are taking some feel good fuzzies into game 3 about how the Spurs cant stop them and they can still score 114 and 108 points a game against THE best defense in the NBA and how they are better on the road than at home they are in for a real shock.
They are green and I dont care if Nash has been this far or not. The rest of the Suns are inexperienced and are not prepared for the Spurs on Saturday night. They are coming in expecting to dominate and feeling adrenaline rushed with the comeback of JJ. But this is no Playstation video game with weak artificial intelligence. This is the San Antonio Spurs who will have a big surpise for the newbies. THE RETURN OF SAN ANTONIO SPURS DEFENSE.
The Spurs being at home will turn up the intensity defensively which will catch the Suns off guard because they THOUGHT they could score on the Spurs. Didnt they prove it in games 1 and 2? Rope-a-dope the playoff rookies anyone?
San Antonio will kick some butt on these Suns from beginning to end Saturday with a couple of runs by the Suns keeping it semi-respectable. The Spurs come out like a starving lion eyeballing a fat gazelle with no legs. Game 3 is gonna be a letdown for the "outsiders" and the Suns fans. But for us Spurs fans it's gonna be sweeeeeeet. Im already pumped up and ready to go and its 2:15 am and I could go on even more than I have. I wont. 111-94 Spurs. GO SPURS GO!!
Love ya Spurs! Prepare for the future and let's break them next year!

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