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Originally Posted by Lakerhater1
Definitely the Mavs.
Big city Mavs have just been pretenders. Little city Spurs have won it all twice, and soon their third.
Mavs won't forget the Spurs victory in game 6 in 2003. Mavs thought they had it sewed up with a 13 point lead...then came Kerr.
...yup, I'm pretty sure that the Mavs hate us. Phoenix will too by the beginning of next week. One of the Phoenix web sites ( seethes with hatred for Tim, Manu and Tony already.

Pleaseeee, hating the Mavs is like hating the little boy next door that always leaves his bike on the street. You just can't.

Originally Posted by LASpursFan
The posters maybe, but on the Mods...are you nuts??

They are frickin' Nazis over there. JD is a total tool and Laker Lanny has got to be the biggest scum on any board anywhere. One time that dude challenged a fellow *Laker* fan to play him one-on-one (for cash) anywhere in LA because he didn't agree with his take. Whatever...

Nah, there are some really good mods in
I like DBarry, pokoy, MikeLG and emplay; Sky is ok, and wolf, though a total homer (like every true fan of any team, though this dude is out of the chart), is ok too.

LL, apart of that stupid challenge, has his moments (sure it was LL? I though SHOES did that bet)

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