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Originally Posted by JustinFelux

But the main thing that turns me off to David Robinson is how conservative and religious he is. I mean the guy can't go five seconds without mentioning Jesus. It's annoying. Plus, all the sucking up Governor Rick Perry did to him after his retirement made me want to throw up. If I were an NBA star I wouldn't let that guy come anywhere near me, much less use me to promote himself.

IMO David was a one man team for many years. Him speaking of Jesus had nothing to do with anything. There are many players that act like they all that and they ain't about sh*t. Most of them have no rings. So I don't care how pissed or tough some players act, or how many times they say f**K, or how many tatoos they have on their damn neck in the end they get no rings and Satan's punk ass and his punk ass followers still bow down to their real master. Jesus.