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I can understand why there is so much reverence for him here in SA, but honestly, I never liked him. I have been a Spurs fan since I was about eight years old, but I never liked David Robinson. He was too much of a nice guy for me.
Yeah, I mean afterall, people like him should be burned at the stake for giving away millions of dollars to help other people become educated and make something of themselves....DAMN HIM !!!

On second thought lets round up all those other "do gooders" like the Pope, Mother Theresa and selfless social workers and stone them as well !!

I think his lack of killer instinct is a big reason we never could get over the hump in those years when he was in his prime. I always liked players who had more attitude, like MJ, Barkley, Reggie Miller, etc.
I wonder how Tim won 2 championships. He doesn't pound his chest like a goon, or scream at the top of his lungs everytime he makes a shot. I mean TD aka Mr. Poker Face certainly could not have won by simply acting lke a professional could he?

How many championships did Barkley's and Miller's "attitude" and "killer instinct" win them ? as we all know, ya can't win without it right ?

The other day in class we were talking about the Carver Academy, which I have heard referred to more than once as a "school for underprivileged children on San Antonio's East Side." But somebody in class said that tuition there is like 20,000 dollars a year, and even with financial aid it's like 7,000. Then one of them recalled reading a newspaper article which stated that there were a bunch of BMWs and Cadillacs in the parking lot of the Carver Academy.
My mothers sisters husbands brothers uncle told me that Buckner Fanning was really a demon straight from the pits of hell, and he was here for the sole reason of bringing about pain and suffering throughout the world.

This must be true, as I would never question the honesty of my mothers sisters husbands brothers uncle

Quick lesson on economics here:

PRIVATE schools are NOT funded by the state, thus the tuition costs more...I know thats hard to understand, but stay with me here..I don't was to lose ya...more to come:

Most all elite level private school teachers make considerably more money than public school teachers due to specialization and or Masters requirements needed to teach in a private school setting....yes, this means they can often afford nicer cars...DAMN THEM !!!

However, nothing ticked me off more than when David Robinson basically told those of us who were againt the war in Iraq to "shut up." As some of you may remember, Steve Nash was a vocal critic of the Iraq war around the time of the All Star break. At the time, David Robinson said something like, "If he doesn't like it, he should go to another country." He also said something to the effect of, "The time for debate is over. It's time to just keep your opinions to yourself and support the troops."
First of all, you are greatly simplifying what as said, and downright making this up. D'Rob said that whatever we thought about the war...agree or disagree with it, the troops were already over there, and he felt it was our duty as Americans to support them.

So was it "something to the effect of", "something like", or "basically"? Way to use that precise recount of D'Rob's quotes there.

So terrible of an ex-navy guy to support the American troops---DAMN HIM AGAIN !!!

And in the true spirit of hipocracy I saved the best for last

But the main thing that turns me off to David Robinson is how conservative and religious he is. I mean the guy can't go five seconds without mentioning Jesus. It's annoying. Plus, all the sucking up Governor Rick Perry did to him after his retirement made me want to throw up. If I were an NBA star I wouldn't let that guy come anywhere near me, much less use me to promote himself.
So here you are BLASTING D'Rob for expressing his political and religious views, but its CLEARLY obvious that you are doing, and have done the same.

I'm on to you. I know what pisses you off so bad...wanna hear it?

You are so pissed at D'Rob because when he voices his political and religious views he has an audience, and when you do, nobody gives a $hit

PS: Its not to late to sign up for some education via the Carver Academy.
I'm sure you could get a free ride there. Just print out this fallacy laden irratonal illogical heap of hipocracy you typed when starting this thread and I'm sure they will feel pity for you

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