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I respect the man immensley. We have admired less worthy men in this country than David Robinson.

I agree with some points this thread stated, particularly the basketball aspect. The reason I will never have David Robinson in my own personal Top 5 Centers of All Time was his lack of killer instinct. For all his natural athletic gifts - he didn't burn to win games like the NBA greats of the past, as well as some of his contemporaries did. That is the measure of NBA immortality to me - and Robinson never really displayed that.

It wasn't until he joined with a player who did have those attributes, and more overall skill - that Robinson finally won his elusive NBA Titles.

His stance on religion and politics do bother me occasionally, but simply because I think those matters are (or rather should be) more private. I don't watch David Robinson to be preached to or be told that we should "trust our Government". I respect his position and his career tremendously, but I would like to hear an interview with the Admiral where he doesn't sound as if he's talking down to us.

I think these differenes of opinion however, are not enough for me to waver my undying respect for the man and what he has both done for and meant to this community.

As I stated, we have held lesser men to equal or higher regard than David Robinson, and that's a damn shame.

But the man isn't perfect, and I don't think we should act as if he is.

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