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Originally Posted by JustinFelux
I was interested to see if there is at least one other person in SA who agrees with me.
And you are from...where? San Antonio, for all it's small-town charm, is actually somewhat cosmopolitan, at least in some areas. OK, maybe cosmopolitan is carrying it a little too far, but the people that live there are quite a diverse group. Having said that, if I were you, and you were to ever visit San Antonio (assuming you don't live there), I probably wouldn't say what you wrote out loud. I would be willing to bet a dollar to a doughnut that it wasn't wise.

You gave your opinion; here's mine: Steve Nash, for all his MVP'ness, has never served a day in ANY uniform except for a basketball one. Mr. Robinson, on the other hand, served honorably in the United States Navy. Does that make either one of their opinions more valid than the other? Of course not. However, Mr. Robinson has MY respect for what he has done, and is continuing to do, off the court. What annoys you, makes me proud; that which you despise, I idolize.

Amazing, isn't it? I've completely disagreed with you, yet I didn't tell you that I'd lost any respect for you, simply because our opinions differ. I didn't chastise you for any religious belief, or lack thereof, that you may cling to. I didn't denigrate any charitable work you may, or may not, have done.

Bottom line is that I don't know you, ANY FREAKIN' more than you know The Admiral. How pompous and self-righteous must I seem if I were to do that?