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Originally Posted by noamt
I think the best fit for Jasikevicius would be Phoenix. He would give Nash the required rest and the team won't have to adjust its style of play for him.
i disagree. jasikevicius is ready now. he is 29 and has performed extremely well in olympic and euroleague play. there's no need to make him be nash's protege playing only 15-20 minutes a game. he doesn't need to learn - he already knows the game and will in fact TEACH good team basketball to the nba team he goes to.

too bad the spurs don't need him. i'll go as far as saying this: if jasikevicius joins the nba, he'll be a top six point guard. and if he joins the pacers as rumor suggest, he'll be a top three point guard.
my predicition for spurs' opponents? pain.
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