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You know why Malone did not want to play with Shaq ? It is because he did not want to be part of a drama yet again. Shaq would not have been able to resist needling Kobe and Lakers and the acrimony would have started all over again.

If there is one team that is least likely to get involved in drama, it is the Spurs.

Malone has said in the past (after yet another year of Tim Duncan smothering his Jazz), he has often wondered what it would be like to play WITH Tim Duncan than against him.

I think what he regrets the most perhaps is choosing Lakers over Spurs last season. He was THIS close to signing with the Spurs. David Robinson called him and pleaded with him to join San Antonio. He was this close to caving in. The only reason he did not was SA was a great team, defending champions already and he wanted to visibly be the difference maker on a championship team.

As it turns out, neither the roster overhauled Spurs, nor the ego dominated Lakers were quite good enough for a Championship. Yet again Malone was left empty handed.

Perhaps he is finally believing what I have suspected for some time.
He is not destined to win a ring.
It is Karma.

Accept it and move on.
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