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Gregg Popovich: 'Iíve got to do a better jobí

The San Antonio Spurs have lost 5-of-7, been blown out by 30+ in back-to-back games, and have fallen to 14th in the West in the standings. Itís been ugly basketball, not a phrase we associate with Gregg Popovich and the Spurs. The culprit is a defense that is worst in the NBA over that stretch, but the offense has looked out of sync and fairly average throughout the rough patch.

After a crushing loss to the Rockets on Friday night (136-105) Spurs coach Gregg Popovich took the blame, reports Michael C. Wright of ESPN.
ďItís a game where you try to continue to get better at all aspects,Ē Popovich said. ďWeíre obviously discombobulated on offense. So a lot of that has to do with me. Iíve got to do a better job there. I think defensively, weíve obviously got to shore up our effort and our wisdom at that end of the court. So weíve got a lot of work to do.Ē
Players, of course, had Popovichís back.
LaMarcus on Pop shouldering some of the blame for the "discombobulated" offense: "Itís on everyone. Itís not just him. We all have
to be (accountable). Itís a team sport. We all have to try to be better, do
better and figure it out."

ó Tom Orsborn (@tom_orsborn) December 1, 2018
Popovich has three primary scorers ó DeMar DeRozan, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Rudy Gay ó who prefer to shoot from the midrange, in the 16-18 foot range. So far this season the Spurs are taking more threes than they ever have in franchise history 24.8 per game, itís just not keeping pace with the number of threes taken around the league. Popovich has rolled with the players he has, counting to the three-heavy trend of recent years, but the simple fact of the matter is 3>2.

Maybe this could work if the Spurs had a good defense, but when they lost Dejonte Murray for the season it was a tremendous blow, and Pau Gasol being out now is not helping. The Spurs defense is a mess and they donít have the offensive firepower to cover it up. This isnít about Popovich the coach ó or whether or not he likes the three ball ó this is about talent. Thatís what wins in the NBA and the Spurs donít have enough of it.

Veteran Patty Mills seems to have summed up the Spursí mood best.ďGuys feel embarrassed and deflated, and rightfully so,Ē guard Patty Mills said. ďItís the big picture. Itís who we represent when we put these jerseys on. Itís who we play for. Itís much bigger than that, and we need to understand that we are here just for a short time amongst this organization that will be here for a lot longer than we are. Weíve got to take pride in that.Ē

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