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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I would love for the situation to end with the Spurs getting Dario Saric, Marques Fultz, Robert Covington, the sixer's 2019 1st round pick, and the Kings 2019 1st round pick.
I'm with you, Chopps. Before I logged onto SR, I saw this same story on about Gasol being part of a trade and Sacramento being the 3rd team. My only questions are:

1) we're kind of short on bigs (sorry for the pun), if we deal Pau, we only have LA and Bertans with any height and Bertans ain't guarding the beef eaters in this league. Eubanks, Jefferson and Putney are looking good in summer league but aren't on the level of being good enough to fill that kind of vacancy. Unless RC and Pop have something brewing in the background.

2) what is Sacramento getting for that 1st round pick??

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