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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
Since Pop has thrown the Spurs hat into the circle to try and persuade James to come to San Antonio, does anybody think by the Spurs chasing after James that we might miss out on recruiting/signing some viable free agents we could probably bring here?? In order to lasso James, the Spurs would have to delay any resigning decisions on our own FAs, thus freeing up money for James. This process of chasing after James is going to cut into the early stages of free agency and it may take some time for him to make his decision known which could stretch into late July to mid August. By then, we may find that the FA talent pool may very well be dried up by that time and we could miss on resigning our own FAs.
I think it'll halt signings elsewhere. Guys waiting to see if James does take that leap. That's the first domino that must fall. LeBron's influence combined with Kawhi hashing things out, plus the way Aldridge played last year. I think guys would line up for a chance to kick Golden States tails! Guys like Joe Johnson, Gerald Green...which I didn't know was Danny's cousin.

All eyes are on Kawhi...Especially probably LeBron's. I think those two pieces are #1 & 2 in the league right now...everyone else is second fiddle. Plus I think Pop & LeBron know the time that's wasted in recruiting and on how it can hamper a team. James has too much respect for Pop to hold that up. I think it'll be quick and to the point.
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