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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Ahh...didn't know she took over. Do you think Kawhi's master plan was to get LeBron here with him? Will that be his power point in negotiations? If it's true he didn't tune out the Spurs...Is going to take a slight cut in pay to try and facilitate a LeBron type move? Also would the success of the two helping each other win a title/s...boost Kawhi's marketability? Just a crazy thought.
No, I don't think that was ever Kawhi's plan because him sitting out hurt his chances in getting Lebron vs. helping. Why would Lebron want to sign on with drama which was one reason why he looked elsewhere when Aldridge issues arose last offseason?

They can figure a way to get everyone under just like GS did. There is a lot of weight that can be trimmed with Gasol/Gay trade, Green leaving (might stay on for cheap if Lebron came though since they are friends.. who knows), Mills contract, renouncing Tony Parker leaving (might sign on for cheap too),no QO for Anderson, etc. but it can be done.

The point is to get the best five on the floor which is what GS focused on. Then all the old cheap vets will come a running to fill out the roster and be a part of the ring chasing (Joe Johnson, etc.).

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