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Hey, zhugelianges, don't mourn his loss just yet, Manu is still alive and kicking.

You know, now when we watch this aged marvel come into a game, with a close cut haircut instead of those long flowing dark locks, what I really love after Manu has just completed one of his patented passes or has driven into the lane and scored a basket on one of his reverse layups, or even gotten around a youngster and soared to the rim for one of his now rare dunks, is to hear one of the game commentators ask ‘is a 40 year old man even supposed to do that’? And if a reporter were to ask Coach Pop to comment on the way Ginobili just played, he would simply say “that’s just Manu being Manu.” Before it’s too late, I’m going to go to YouTube and download every film clip there is available with Manu before it’s too late. But there is one wish that will not be possible, but I’d love to be able to see Duncan, Parker and Ginobili all enshrined into the Hall of Fame on the same day. Spurs fans were blessed to witness these three remarkable players to come and play together with the Spurs at the same time…. what a trio. And I still remember back in the day when a Spurs commentator, commenting on future Spurs players in Europe who were available for the following season and mentioning one in particular, a late second round 57th pick, a 6’6” shooting guard with Magic Johnson-like abilities, an Argentinian by the name of Emanuel Ginobili. Little did we know what was in store for us to witness …………………
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