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The end is near...

Kawhi injury prone, doesn't want to play this year or in a Spurs uniform. We have the trade assets of a retirement bingo hall. Age and injuries might be at an all-time high. No one seems to want to either play for Pop and or Kawhi doesn't help with his quite demeanor. Atrocious contracts to guys who wouldn't get those contracts anywhere else.

Spurs take care of their guys to a fault...hence Mills and Gasol. Sure as aren't getting equal value "IF" Kawhi wants out. I feel bad for a guy like Manu who lays it out there at the age of 40 and he might be going on the worst season of his career.

Nothing about this situation feels good. Spurs will continue to try and win, but they won't. They'll just end up in limbo...draft wise. This I such uncharted waters for this franchise and my 31 years of fandom. We lost our "Rushmore"...Duncan, it just will never be that franchise ever again. The run has been great, but I feel the true turnover is imminent...Ownership, Pop and players. I pray it's not, but it just feels like it.
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