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Originally Posted by polk View Post
No chance at 50. Still got GSW twice, HOU twice, OKC twice, @ CLE, @MIL, WAS twice. Not to mention UTA again and @DEN first game out of the break in the altitude. Frankly if they get to 48 wins it would surprise me. On a side note, as I’ve mentioned previously, Jeff McDonald, Richard Oliver, Jabari Young and whoever else covers this team on a day to day basis should be convicted of “journalistic negligence!” No reason a professional journalist doesn’t ask the questions or get information on what is happening with the clubs franchise player. Only in a one horse town like SA can the club control the beat writers. Pop has all of them nervous to press for answers because if they do, they know he’ll freeze their ass out of any other story. That’s still no reason not to press for answers!! Ask the damn question!! We’ve heard quad, then shoulder, then who knows??? There is more to this story then any of us know and frankly I don’t believe what the club is throwing out there - especially the BS about a shoulder injury. Hell Patty Mills, the brunt of much of the wrath in this post, played through the ‘14 season with and bad shoulder and opted for surgery after the championship run.

Yep I agree with you. Spurs beat writers are pushovers. I’d be asking every single day. It’s not even just pop, the entire organization is at fault and the nba should really do something about it.
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