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Will the Spurs make 50 wins again?

I was looking around on the web at various sports sites and found one local news network sports link where a panel of writers were debating whether the Spurs will extend their 50 win season streak to its 19th season in a row. This topic gave me pause, especially since Kawhi and Gay are out, with no known date of return, and we havenít been playing very consistently when we do play. We recently had a 5 game home stand and we lost 3 of those 5 (76ers 97-78, Rockets 102-91 and Jazz 120-111) --- again, that was on our home court. In the last 10 games, we are 5-5. Our present record, as of 11Feb, is 35-22 with 25 games left. Our home record is 22-6 and away record is 13-16. I havenít looked at who those last 25 games are against or where we play them, but Iím praying our guys get some kind of charge and make a run before the playoffs. I think weíll make it but itís going to be real close. What do you think?

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