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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
It is only a "bad contract" relative to your (or any Spur's fan) expectations of what each Spur should contribute. It is a great contract relative to the entire NBA and relative to the contracts of other players who are not on rookie scale deals. Almost every other player not on a rookie scale deal making what Mils is making would perform about where Mils is performing. For it to be a bad contract relative to the rest of the league, you would have to find all the players making what Mills is making and prove that half of those players (not on rookie contracts) would perform better than Mills.
I disagree on it being a great contract when you have Forbes who is actually shooting better for a fraction of the price. Very similar players, they should have left him walk for that 50 million. Mills is a back up guard who is streaky, 50 million for that production is very steep and it will hinder our next few summers along with Gasols big contract. Gasol is playing a lot better though this year than Mills so I can't complain there. I would have to say though Forbes is on the small contract you mention similar to the rookie contract so that part is true. I still think they should have let him walk but then again they had no clue Forbes would shoot this well so they needed insurance. If they can move that contract though in the next few years I bet you they will being they have pieces now that can do what Patty does for far cheaper.
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