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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
No it's not, stop it. They handed out two bad contracts and they can do wrong too, trust them or not that contract is not "Great" and most know it who know bball. Patty is an undersized SG and a volume shooter who plays off the ball, thing is his **** is not falling all year sides a few games. Grass is greener if you get rid of that contract and just play Forbes more, you have a guy who can do his job better than him this year at a fraction of the cost. That was a bad signing, period.
It is only a "bad contract" relative to your (or any Spur's fan) expectations of what each Spur should contribute. It is a great contract relative to the entire NBA and relative to the contracts of other players who are not on rookie scale deals. Almost every other player not on a rookie scale deal making what Mils is making would perform about where Mils is performing. For it to be a bad contract relative to the rest of the league, you would have to find all the players making what Mills is making and prove that half of those players (not on rookie contracts) would perform better than Mills.
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