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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Wait a minute...I'm hearing a possible misdiagnosis on his quad injury? Are the Spurs trying to drive his contract status down? Do they not want to pay him the super max? After Aldridge asked for a trade, this situation isn't too far fetched. Is it the Spurs inability to land other superstars like everyone else?
I read the same thing somewhere. If the Spurs, in fact, are running this management tactic on Kawhi, and if I got Kawhi’s ear, I’d tell him to walk, in a heartbeat. I know this is a business but you don’t stoop to this low maneuver when you’re considered the best franchise in all sports. Then again, maybe they do to survive this cut throat business of NBA basketball. There's a lot of things going, in the background, that we're not aware of and the media is feeding this stuff to us, sometimes 2nd, 3rd hand knowledge. Or maybe some of these reporters, ie, Woj/Yahoo Sports or Jalen Rose/ESPN are throwing this stuff out there to see what sticks and then go with it. I'd prefer to believe the Spurs and the circumstances as we see them.
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