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I was wondering when the other shoe might drop, if this is even true. It might even be a reporter who wants to stir the pot just to see what brews. Kawhi does look like a caged animal at times on the bench and a young kid like him, watching the Spurs fall, game after game, to teams we should be beating by 10-15 points, could very well bring some ill feelings to the surface like 'why am I sitting here when I could be playing' attitude. I just hope that if Kawhi’s injury is one of those ‘on the fence’ type injuries and he could play through it or if the Spurs are protecting him from himself, then the Spurs FO could get burned when it comes time to renegotiate his contract. Of course, should RC and/or Pop bend to the media pressure and go ahead and let him play (which I believe they never would) and if he does reinjury himself, then we got one of those ’I told you so’ moments. But with these close losses to these almost .500 teams or even our subpar performances could very well have the FO looking at whose available in the trade market. We got a nice core of young players and would like to see us retain their talent for some time but I guess this is a 'business'.
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