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Crazy trade Idea

So with the trade deadline approaching there will be lots of trades thrown out there. Most of them will not get done. Some will seem ridiculous while others will make sense. So I figured I would start a thread where people could post trade ideas and people could comment on if they like them.

My first trade NBA Trade Machine - ESPN

Why the spurs do it.

They get another big that is pretty solid and get rid of Patty's horrible contract. They also get another sf/pf and the center is somewhat young.
Why they dont.
They just signed patty and dont want to get rid of him.

Why knicks do it.
They have already said they wanted to trade Oquin and this would alow them to do that plus get rid of one of their longer term contracts.
Why they dont. They would be taking on a bigger longer contract but for a younger player. They would also get paul who is a throw in but sometimes throw ins can turn out to be something.

2nd trade
This is the trade I see as more likely but I like the first trade better.
NBA Trade Machine - ESPN

Why Spurs do it.
They get another young big and another Defensive minded SG. They get rid of pattys contract but get another bad one in return. Lee atleast is bigger and is more of a SG body then patty. this allows more timr do Murry to play and forbes can get 3rd string PG min. Lee would probably be 3rd sting SG behind green and manu. this helps spped up Pattys contract by a year.
Why they dont
They like patty and dont want to trade him. They also see Anderson having a future with the spurs and dont want to lose him.

Why the knicks do it.
They get rid of the center they want to get rid of. they get a younger player in anderson who has shown some potential. While they are takeing on a bad contract they also are getting rid of one and getting the younger player.
Why they dont.
I cant think of much of a reason why they wouldnt except for taking on mills contract but they get rid of Lee. I see it hard for them to picture lee as long tem since he is getting older. Anderson would also give them another ball handler to help out their rookie pg as well as allowing hardaway to switch to his natural sg position.

I would try and get the Knicks 2nd in either trade but especially in the second.
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