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Should Parents be Allowed to Affect Players Future??

I saw this article on ProBasketballTalk and nearly had a heart attack or a bad case of gas. My personal opinion is that Daddy Ball should have his head examined. However, LaMelo Ball has graduated from high school and was enrolled at UCLA until that fiasco in China happened. He can makes his own decisions about his future. But LiAngelo Ball is still in high school and comes under his parents responsibility. But signing with a professional agent ain't right for these kids future, in my opinion. But I guess Daddy Ball is the Papa. Check this article out:

LaVar Ball: LiAngelo and LaMelo signed with Lonzo’s agent

LaVar Ball was reportedly looking into LaMelo (a high schooler) and LiAngelo (who just left UCLA) playing together overseas.

With the younger Ball brothers signing with Lonzo Ball‘s agent, there’s no turning back on that plan for college basketball.
Jeff Goodman of ESPN:
LaVar Ball told ESPN that his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball have signed with agent Harrison Gaines, ending any speculation that LaMelo will play college basketball. The plan is now for both to play on the same team overseas.
“I don’t care about the money,” LaVar Ball said on Thursday morning. “I want them to go somewhere where they will play them together on the court at the same time. The priority is for the boys to play on the same team.”
There’s still the matter of finding an overseas team willing to sign LaMelo and LiAngelo and deal with everything LaVar brings. But signing with an agent immediately ends college eligibility.*

*It shouldn’t. Young players should be allowed to retain professional advisors. But that’s not how the NCAA – which seeks to enrich coaches and administrators, not athletes – operates.

LaMelo is a serious prospect for the 2020 draft (or 2019 if the NBA changes the one-and-done rule by then). It’ll be interesting to see how develops on a foreign team and how NBA teams assess his progress. He’s a talented scorer, but his all-around game needs development.

LiAngelo looks unlikely to reach the NBA regardless.

Link to article: LaVar Ball: LiAngelo and LaMelo signed with Lonzo’s agent – ProBasketballTalk
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