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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
No, Durant has to look at it from a legacy perspective... How did he win the title? Did he win it as the top option on a really strong okc team that he was drafted by? Or did he win it joining a historic 73 win team that would likely win with or without Durant? He went option B, and it will be talked about forever. I don't believe he was the difference either... Last year Draymond thugged out and got suspended, and curry was gimpy... I think they would have won with Melo in durants spot.
well then you are looking at it from a selfish fan perspective and not a business perspective. If he wasn't the difference maker then he would not have won the Finals MVP.

Legacy???? haha look at LBJ. He skipped town on Cleveland and put together a dream team in Miami, then went back to Cleveland when they were in a better spot and is still only 3-5 in finals (should be 2-6 if it wasn't for Ray Ray's 3 in 2013) yet he is constantly compared to MJ for some reason. His legacy does not seem to be hurt by him leaving Cleveland and he left in total douchebag mode.

Draymond got suspended for one game.... big whoop. He played in games 6 and 7 and they still lost. Curry may be gimpy but most players are in June.

Melo??? haha that man can't play defense to save his life. Durant plays both ends and that helped GS's defense since they lost important defenders that had size in Bogut and Barnes.

If Durant stayed on OKC this year he would be going on a decade without winning it all and not a lot of promise for the future with having to play with Westbrook and capped with team spending $$$.

He did the right thing and got his.
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